Twinkle on Twitter

Twinkle is an iPhone app made by the upcoming company, Tapulous.

If you find yourself owning an iPhone, and constantly tweeting on the popular site, Twitter, this app is made specifically for you. Twinkle allows you to send tweets to Twitter no matter your location. You can also check on your friends tweets on the go. The design on Twinkle is top-notch with a slick, yet professional appearance. It’s quick to learn, easy to use and very pretty to look at. If you ever do have problems with it, the developers are easy to contact and eager to answer all of your questions. Not to mention they are super courteous. Twinkle also has a nifty feature to see who is tweeting near you. This is handy if you want to know who is in your area who might be making tweets. It’s a good tool for building potential new friendships. You may even learn that a friend of yours uses Twitter and you haven’t added them as a friend yet. And oh no, it doesn’t stop there. This nice little app even lets you attach pictures taken from your iPhone to your tweet. It uploads the picture and inserts the link in your tweet for easy and instant sharing! If you like a good-looking application, own the popular iPhone, and also love Twitter, this app is a must have.