Most people come to agree that size does matter in certain aspects of life. Software is not always one of them.

I still remember my old days with assembly when software didn’t came in DVDs but fitted in a very small flash cpu. Trayconizer is a very small and very useful utility to minimize a running aplication to the system traybar. Most software I used adds a new button to the window bar and most windows skin software won’t display it correcty. Trayconizer keeps this short and simple. You only have to create a shortcut to your app and change the target. For example, say you want to run excel and minimize it to the traybar when you press minimize. Step 1: Create a shortcut to your excel file or “excel.exe”. Step 2: Edit the shortcut you’ve just created and replace the.. “c:\path\to\my\excelfile.xls” “c:\program files\trayconizer.exe” -minimize c:\path\to\my\excelfile.xls”