Tracks Eraser Pro

I’m skeptical at first about any program that claims to protect your privacy.

It seems like half of all pop-ups use scare tactics to try to get you to lay down money on their bogus spyware-fighting program. I’m happy to say I’ve found an application that is easy to use and really helps to keep your information private. Tracks Eraser Pro is a handy-dandy application to help you to cover your tracks on your PC. It goes beyond cleaning out your history folders and deleting cookies to perform functions that are hard to do on your own. For example, you may not know that many programs on your PC store private usage data in “index.dat” files. These files can be hard to locate and sometimes can not be simply deleted without crippling your computer or applications. Tracks Eraser Pro will seek these files out and wipe out usage data inside without destroying the functional integrity of your programs. That rare feature, by itself, is worth the low purchase price. Note: Acesoft’s Tracks Eraser Pro only covers your tracks at the level of your PC. Your internet provider may still be keeping records of your internet usage. Other applications might be useful to use in combination with Tracks Eraser Pro to “shred” the empty space on your PC thereby making deleted history files and cookies permanently unrecoverable.