TOAD Database Tool

If you are looking for a database development tool that has all of the bells and whistles for a low price then you need to consider TOAD by Quest Software.

This program is ideal for DBA, analyst, even the business power user because it is so easy to use and comprehensive. TOAD stays current with frequent updating by the vendor and Quest also allows free downloading for personal use. The thing I like most about TOAD is that it is multi-platform capable. Quest has a TOAD program for all of the major database platforms which allows you to learn one program for any platform you are administrating. I also like the query designer which uses helpers that auto load field names in your SQL and conditionals in your WHERE clauses. The connection wizard makes connecting to anything a breeze. No third party ODBC drivers or API’s required. I’ve use TOAD with MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL Server. This tool blows any vendor supplied software away.