The Magic of Defrag – Magical Defrag 2

Have you ever used Windows’s built in disk deframentation tool. The typical experience is that a well intentioned user will start the process only to get an estimated time of 17 to 25 hours and said “forget it”.

Ashampoo has solved the problem with a great tool called Magical Defrag. Magical Defrag works in the background when your system isn’t too busy. It automatically pauses if you decide to use your computer for anything more than viewing webpages. The interface is easy to understand and use. This tool keeps on top of all your drives keeping them lean and clean, speeding up your entire system. More importantly, it is a continual process, so you don’t have to leave your computer on for several hours when you aren’t using it. I’ve often looked at the fragmentation map provided by windows built in defrag tool and bristled at the state of disorganization of my data. And I go through a lot of data. Magical Defrag 2 has saved the day. Now I can look at a map of my drives and smile: everything’s in order!