Task Killer

Task Killer is a small app that sits in your system tray and lets you kill tasks, close open program windows, start and stop Windows services and all with a couple of clicks.

It gives you a list of running processes along their memory usage, and highlights frozen tasks in red so you can easily single out the program that’s logging up your memory. It only takes up about a megabyte of RAM for itself, which isn’t much to have hanging around for dealing with a pesky process that just won’t let go. Some of the settings for Task Killer include starting at boot up, or confirming every task you want to kill. You can also set up excluded processes or services that you don’t want monitored by Task Killer and there’s also an option of a hotkey if you’re still used to Ctrl+Alt+Del! Task Killer is a simple way of getting rid of memory hogs for those sick of the default Windows task manager. It does its job pretty well and the best thing is that it’s free. A pretty good app to have around when you need it, a recommended download!