Tag Those Media Files With EasyTag

EasyTag is a powerful audio file tag editor for GNU/Linux or Windows.

It has support for: mp3, mp4, mp2, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and others. There are many features that make adding or changing tags in your audio files very easy. It can query the CDDB and compare track length to your files to identify music that you are unsure of the artist or album. If you have artist and album info in the filename, it can parse that info into tag entries. EasyTag is also able to change the filenames and directory structure of your collection with user-specified tag info. This will allow you to take a large group of assorted files that have artist and album information and relocate them to a more organized directory structure. The program uses the GTK+ interface, which provides for a simple and pleasant environment for working with your files. The browsing window lets you choose between a directory structure view, or an artist/album view. The tag entry editing window is clearly laid out and provides for many different fields, including album art. There are several shortcut buttons that allow you to quickly access commonly used features. EasyTag makes the task of keeping your music collection properly tagged and organized a simple process.