StrokeIt Mouse Gestures

StrokeIt – A Mouse gesture software I recently stumbled upon. It is called the Mouse Gestures. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, let me explain.

Mouse gesture is an ingenious way of tracking the way you move your mouse and convert it to a specific command for your computer. Now, some of the impatient among you might ask but we move our mouse all the time in all the ways; so, how the tracking is done exactly. The answer is that in order to make Mouse Gestures the user has to press one of the buttons on the mouse like the left-click, the middle-click etc. When the user makes gestures through the mouse while keeping one of the mouse buttons pressed the software tracks the gesture and triggers the specific command associated with that gesture. Coming to the software StrokeIt, the command to be associated with a gesture can be anything from opening an application to performing a specific action inside an already running application. For example, while watching a movie on Windows Media Player you can draw a ‘P’ symbol from your mouse and the movie will Pause, or you can draw a ‘C’ symbol and the player would Close altogether. What’s even better is that, with StrokeIt, the users can define their own custom gestures. That is, apart from the pre-defined gestures the users can satiate their creative desires by creating their very own artistic gestures and associate a command with it. For example, I have a specific symbol each for opening my web browser, opening a particular bookmark, and even for downloading its contents to my hard drive. Give it a shot, its worth it.