Software As A Service (SAAS)

Software As A Service or “SAAS” is one of the recently emerging technologies which offers the concept of having various software available as a service.

For example, currently we have to purchase a CD of a software program that we want to use . Then we install it on our computers and then use it. This service (SAAS) eliminates all these hassles, and makes the software available online.

Now if you want to work with the software you can sign in to the website just like an email account and use that software and when finished, exit the site. The advantage of this technology is that often we pay for a software which has a large number of functions, but we only want to use one or two functions. So we can pay for using those functions only. The SAAS is also beneficial for those people who are one time users or use the software occasionally.

The major concern for this technology is that of security. Users who are working would definitely want to have secure and safe data transfer. This aspect is still still under consideration and many companies are looking forward to advancing this technology.