SnagIt Screen Capture

SnagIt by TechSmith Say goodbye to the old fashion print screen and say hello to SnagIt. As a software test I often have to describe an error message to a developer this usually meant I had to manually type the error message. I also often have to asks questions about something I see on a website that I am testing. Let me just say a picture is worth 1000 words. Lengthy email conversations which usually ended in a visit to the developers desk are virtually nonexistent. SnagIt makes capturing anything on your screen very easy.

You can also say goodbye to capturing the entire screen. When you start the capture you control what you capture on the screen. SnagIt is a must have for all users. Let me tell you ways that I use SnagIt. I use Google Maps a lot for directions. When I have the map on my screen I simply select the Hot keys Ctrl+Shift+A (which is customizable) up comes the capture hand icon, I select the map, then the Capture preview window appears. This is where I add text, arrows, and bubble comments to the picture. Select Ctrl+enter and the capture is sent to your desired output. I typically select a .jpg file format to clipboard. Then I can either paste the pic in a email or a word doc. I also use the SnagIt to edit pictures. They offer a variety of editing tools and is very simple to learn how to use them.

My description of the product is not doing it justice. I highly recommend you download a 30 trial. They give you full access to everything! I use it mostly for work as a communication tool, but it has plenty of possibilities. I will be using it to help edit a picture for my brother-in-laws wedding invitations.