Skype VoIP

The first thing I loved with Skype, is the ease of installation on my Debian Linux system. Finally, there’s one VoIP application that runs easily and smoothly, without loosing hours to install and configure. And it works fine on other OS like Windows or MacOS as well!

Skype has a couple of key benefits at use, as well. First of all, and it’s not the least, it is absolutely free. Then, call between Skype users are free as well, doesn’t matter if you call next door or to another country. You also can call a standard or a mobile phone at low cost, using a pre-paid account. But the feature I especially appreciate is the “random meetings”.

If you want to meet someone new, just take a look at the list of people throughout the world that are waiting for a call, call him/her, and talk. That’s a really cool community, with very different people, from Dutch to Chinese, who is only waiting to meet other people to build international friendship. So if you don’t know Skye yet, have a look at their (multilingual) web site:, and enjoy! All you need is the software, and a basic USB phone set, of any kind.