Simple Backup Solution

1 and 2 terabyte drive prices are now priced as commodities and they are easy to plug in and back up a hard drive on a PC.

They ensure those precious family photos and even the great American novel aren’t lost in a power surge or carelessly slopped cup of steaming coffee. The only hard part about back-up these days is remembering to do it. Second Copy has been around long enough now to be called a veteran at rescuing people from hard drive disasters. Instead of remembering to back the data up, say, every Saturday afternoon, Second Copy (not free but inexpensive considering its importance) is extremely easy to use. It solicits answers to simple questions: Which files? Copy them where? When and how? With about 5 clicks a back-up regime is created: daily, weekly, whenever. Plug the drive in, set Second Copy running and a faithful back-up of your important data is created whenever you told it to be. Simple.