SimCity 4

Sim City 4 is one of the coolest city building simulation games created thus far. This program allows you to open a pre-loaded grid of squares that the gamer is able to build a city on. The gamer can also create his own grid with water, land, hills, mountains and more! Once a square is selected on the grid, the gamer can start a city by naming it and become the mayor of that city. The city building process then begins. Things such as water lines, power lines, power plants, waste facilities, and roads are constructed by the gamer. After the utility and rudimentary transportation systems are in place the gamer can start the process of zoning the land in his or her city.

There are three different zoning types in Sim City 4: residential, commercial/office, agricultural/industrial. Depending upon the type of city a gamer wants to create, the gamer may zone property to meet his or her needs. For example, if the gamer wants an agrarian farming community, they will zone most of the land agricultural while making a small town with low density residential and commercial/office. Having started these steps to construct their city, the gamer then tweaks and controls different aspects of the city to grow and maintain their city. Some changes I would like to see in the next version is the ability to annex neighboring cities into your own, to be able to build tunnels for roads anywhere you want, and better graphics for the game.