Sciral Consistency

Sciral Consistency is an application to help you keep track of repeating tasks. It uses a unique graphical format that is quite different from the standard “to-do” list. When you enter a task, you specify how frequently the task should be repeated. For example, mowing the lawn should be done every 5-8 days. The application shows you the current state of each task in color: blue means you don’t need to do it, green means it’s in the interval when it should be done, yellow is the last day of the interval, and red means it’s past due.

Tasks can be sorted by Name, Due Date, Priority, or Consistency (how well you’ve kept to your schedule). I find it very useful for things that have to be done at fairly long intervals that I tend to lose track of. Things like changing the oil in my car or changing the filter in my heating system. I also use it for shorter-term tasks, like backing up my computer and watering my plants. Like most software, it’s available as a free trial download with a limited number of tasks until you pay for a license. The cost is $25.