Remove DRM

So you’ve bought your music via Itunes or Yahoo Music or any of the other legal music purchasing sites, and now you want to put it onto all of your music/video equipment? Sorry, no! Welcome to the wonderful world of DRM — you’re not really in control of your music or videos. The DRM controls in these purchased files won’t let you do everything you want to, but help is here now. A free trial download of Tunebite will put you back into control. At 4x speed, your music is re-sampled by your PC, turning your DRM-protected files into wide-open MP3s. Now your music, or even your videos, can be put onto all of your devices at the same time. You can burn as many CDs for your car as you like. It was your money, now it’s your music. Visit and find out just how to regain the control DRM took away.