PrinterAnywhere Review – Long Distance Printing

PrinterAnywhere is a new solution to long distance printing. PrinterAnywhere is a wonderful little tool for printing to remote computers, or for hosting a globally-shared printer. Using this freeware software package is easy: you just sign up for a PrinterAnywhere account during the installation process, and then select which printers you’d like to share to ANYONE. Printing to another printer is easy, as well. Because PrinterAnywhere installs itself as a printer, you can select it from the Print dialog of any application. Once you click “OK,” you’re prompted to find a shared printer.

Using this application allows you to print directly to friends’ or coworkers’ printers, without the hassle of fax or file-transfers, and makes it easy to send documents over long distances, instantly. Security: There are limited security features, but hopefully future changes allow users to specify a “whitelist” of allowed users. Currently, you can only allow automatic printing of incoming documents from anyone, or from no one. The only option available to filter incoming print requests is to physically confirm each job (through a confirmation box). Despite these security setbacks, PrinterAnywhere is a promising and fascinating application. PrinterAnywhere