NetNewsWire for IPhone

I have known about NetNewsWire (NNW) even before I started using a Mac in 2005.

I know that many people swear by it. I kept holding off installing and trying NNW out, and make do with first Safari’s and then Apple Mail’s RSS component. I hated Mail’s RSS even more than Safari’s, in part because it adds even more complexity to my elaborate mess of mailboxes, so finally got to try NNW. From the first time I launched the app I was hooked. I love the integration with NewsGator server (and later the syncing with NNW for iPhone). I love the three pane + sidebar interface. I love NNW’s implementation of tabbed browsing, probably more than Safari’s. I love the layout of the menu, the toolbar and the shortcut keys. It’s also rock solid, it has never(!!) crashed on me during my 6 months or so of using it. The appearance of NNW for iPhone just sweetens the deal for me. I understand there are other iPhone RSS which are more attractive, but the integration of both NNW versions becomes the sole consideration for me. Now I, too, swear by NetNewsWire and it’s iPhone companion. They are free, but I would have paid for them.