Nelson Email Organizer

Nelson Email Organizer (NEO) is an application that implements seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, and which provides a number of features that good old Microsoft doesn’t yet provide as standard.

The first and foremost of these is the search facility. NEO automatically catalogs your emails in an instantly searchable format, which means that you no longer have to wait while Outlook trawls through your emails trying to find what you are after. For example – you remember that you talked to ‘Terry’ a while back, and want to go back over what was said. Just type in the words “terry share options”, and you will see any emails containing those words virtually instantly. As another example – you remember that you talked to ‘Terry’ about share options, but can’t remember the exact keywords. Just click on the ‘Correspondent’ tab, and then click on Terry’s name. You’ll then be presented with any emails sent from, to, or copied to Terry, in one list. It’s hard to overstate how useful this program can be when you’ve got a bulging mail box.