Motorola’s Good Mobile Messaging

I have been using Motorola’s Good Mobile Messaging application on my Sprint PPC-6700 PDA phone for about a month now and I can say I am impressed.

My corporate mail system is Domino but Good MM also works with Exchange. The application is easy to use and comes with the essentials like OTA (Over-The-Air) mail syncing, calendaring, to-do’s and contacts. Administration is simple and fast. You will need a subscription with your phone provider and it can be costly (roughly $39.99 to $49.99 a month) but that does include data service. This is probably comparable to Blackberry charges. The email application is the best I have every used on a non-Blackberry PDA. Simple and straight-forward, even your most technological challenged sales rep will pick it up in minutes. The worst, and yet not so bad, feature is the Contacts application. Good basically “takes over” your phone contacts. This can be painful to those who are used to the style of their phone’s contact manager. The contact’s features are limited in use compared to the Palm’s or Windows Mobile’s contact apps. However, the “Good” news is the Good contacts will sync with your Domino or Outlook contacts so you have only one place to add, delete or modify contacts. I would recommend anyone using a non-Blackberry PDA to check out Motorola’s Good Mobile Messaging and see if it is a Good fit for you. Also, coming September 2007 is a new version, Good 5.