Microsoft’s OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote application – part of the Office suite – is often thought of only in conjunction with tablet PCs, but there are a variety of uses for this software, and you don’t need a tablet PC to get a lot of value from the program.

OneNote has wonderful organization. You can create any number of folders and any number of sub-folders. As a student, it can be useful to have a large folder for each class and smaller folders for things such as grades, papers, homework, or class notes. For the businessperson, OneNote makes it easier to keep track of what has been said in a meeting, and its integration with Outlook it wonderful as you can easily add appointments and tasks from OneNote. For both students and businesspeople, the audio recording feature is amazing. With this, you can type notes while recording whoever is speaking. OneNote automatically inserts a bookmark into the end of each line for the corresponding segment of audio. There are so many features in OneNote, many of them I’ve yet to come across, but this program is essential for anyone with a laptop or tablet PC.