Microsoft MapPoint

Planning a trip is a whole lot easier using Microsoft MapPoint. With this powerful mapping software, you can do everything from mapping the fasted route from one location to another, to estimating total fuel cost for the trip (after inputting current gas price). MapPoint is also able to integrate maps with other MS applications such as Excel and Outlook, as well as visualize business data– like geographic sales patterns and demographic information. Custom annotations can be easily added to maps using simple drawing tools.

You can also highlight important places, make personal notes, and make a variety of shapes and freeform scribbles. New features in MapPoint2006 include: – the ability to interact with connected GPS device to generate voice or text directions. – Location Finder technology, which uses a database of known wireless hotspots to map your location regardless of whether a GPS device is connected to the computer. – Microsoft Pocket Streets allows exportation of custom maps to mobile devices like PDAs and Smartphones.