LogMeIn Remote PC Access

With family spread all over the country, it is nice to be able to help those who are far away with their computer questions. I researched quite a number of remote access programs and was happy to find that LogMeIn.com offers a free remote access program that allows me to connect to another computer and work as though I am at the other computer. LogMeIn Free is easy to set up. I was able to walk my relative through the setup in minutes. Now, they can just sit back and let me fix their computer problems.

For an annual fee, LogMeIn also offers products with features such as file transfer and remote printing. We enjoyed the free trial of LogMeIn Pro before deciding on our free version. It was very handy to be able to drag and drop files from my computer to my son’s computer, but with the free version I can, almost as quickly, copy and paste a document from his computer to mine. All in all, this is a wonderful service. It is easy to use and a great blessing to all of the relatives!