Kodak Easy Share Software

Kodak’s EasyShare photo editing / organizing software comes bundled with any new Kodak camera. This is a multi-use application and is fairly easy to use, once you get used to its quirks.

Those who have used “iPhoto” for Mac will notice similarities in the user interface and organization. The main window shows thumbnails of photos, while the left hand side of the application is used for albums and “smart albums” (albums that will automatically add photos that fit a certain criteria, those with the comment “vacation” for example). Clicking twice on any image with blow it up to nearly full screen size. About 90% of the screen is used by the image, with black bars on the left and right sides of the image and a navigation bar on the bottom of the screen. In this “full screen” view, you can tag an image as a favorite, crop an image, start a slideshow, or move to the next image. I like this software because it’s fast, unlike the memory hogging iPhoto.

The features are nowhere near as complex as iPhoto, especially when editing an image. Clicking on “edit image” will take you to a small window in which the photo is viewed on a much smaller scale than the original. When you select “contrast,” the photo is split in two: “Before” and “After.” It’s a neat effect, but why not just give a full picture preview of the effect? It’s difficult to edit this way, as you don’t know how the editing will affect the entire image. The software seems to have an update every two weeks which can get annoying. It seems as every time I use to software I am being prompted to update. Printing and Sharing photos is incredibly easy using the different tabs. As a whole, I like this software for viewing and sharing photos because of its ease of use and speed, but for more complex operations, look elsewhere.