Just In Time Wireless Access

Have you wondered how to get good wireless coverage in your house/yard/garage/basement/attic with out buying a dozen base stations that all bridge to your Internet access?

Here’s how you can get good coverage with just two base stations (Apple Airports). Having just purchased a new Apple Airport Extreme base station, I was unsure what do with my old “Hershey Kiss” Airport. I used the Apple Airport administration software to configure my old Airport to be a slave to the new Airport — it bridges the connections. Having two Airports in my office seemed a bit odd — so much connectivity in the air! But, what the heck, the old one had the color inkjet printer plugged (USB) into it for the time being. My son returned from the college and complained about his wireless connectivity in the garage attic — just one bar. I suggested that he take the old airport out there to bridge his connection. He loves the results — 4 bars now! So, depending on where he wants good connectivity, he moves that airport around with him. All he needs is a plug, and he lengthens and strengths his wireless tether for the day/night.