Image Tricks

Image Tricks is a free photo editing software for Mac OS X. Created by BeLight Software, this application has many good features, though it also has the limitations that can be expected from freeware.

This application has many of the features one would expect from photo editing software, such as cropping, resizing and recoloring. However, the application truly shines in its various effects. For example, if you want to make only the edges apparent simply select that effect and click. It allows the user to select the type of effect or distortion from a menu on the left side of the window, and the effects are organized under various headers like distortion and tile.

In addition to these effects, Image Tricks offers several masks, including one in the shape of an Apple logo for Mac fans. In terms of support, the BeLight Software website offers great and easy to understand help for any problems that you might have. If your question isn’t answered in the FAQ section or forum, the tech support can be emailed and they do respond quickly. In addition to their many other programs, regular updates for Image Tricks are released on the website. For a simple and free photo editing application Image Tricks offers many great features and BeLight has good support for their product.