iMac Core Duo

Having owned one of these new machines for almost 3 months now, I would say I’m extremely pleased with this Mac. Thought (and feared) to be a dangerous “transition” product by many, Intel equipped iMacs perform great and look amazing. One of the worries of buying one of these machines, was if Rosetta (Apple’s built-in PPC emulation) would be able to handle serious apps like Adobe CS Suite and Freehand without much hassle. I’ve found they run just fine, besides the obvious increased memory use due to emulation, and I’ve been able to keep up with my work until the universal versions are released by Adobe.

Even tough Apple is not widely regarded as an economic brand in any way, one has just to check out the incredibly bright and huge display on the 20″ model. It ranks up with the best in the market, and now that you can boot Windows XP in these machines, there are less and less reasons to not buy a Mac.