I Love My MySQL 5.0

MySQL is advertised as the world’s most popular open source database, and is used by big names like Yahoo!, NASA and Reuters. Available on all major platforms, easy to install and administer, MySQL is ideal for small to medium companies looking for a high quality database system without the high price tag!

The latest stable version of MySQL (5.0) comes with all the features you’d expect from an enterprise grade database system (ACID compliance, views, triggers, stored procedures, full-text indexes, master-slave replication) whilst avoiding feeling bloated or awkward. Connectors are available for most major programming languages, giving you the freedom to choose which technology suits your project best. The software is available in two forms – a free ‘community edition’ and a paid-for ‘enterprise edition’. There’s very little difference between the two, other than the ‘enterprise’ edition comes with different levels of ‘enterprise grade’ support at the expense of some features (those which MySQL AB cannot absolutely certify and remove in the interest of stability.) MySQL AB also offers training and certification for their software, allowing both DBAs and employers alike to have confidence in the ability to run a stable and well maintained database.