How To Quickly Resize Digital Pictures With Vista

Windows Vista is where it’s at for anyone with a digital camera and at least one friend.

For anyone that emails digital photos, Vista has incorporated a great new feature to make the standard processes easier to complete. For those of us that have spent countless hours trying to reduce the resolution of our digital pictures to minimize file size to make it easier to send to friends and family on dial up, our savior has arrived in the form of Microsoft Vista.

Vista now allows you to highlight a group of photo’s to be emailed, click the “email” button on the toolbar, and choose the appropriate resolution size & approximate file size you wish to email. After clicking the attach button Vista brings up Windows Mail and automatically included the pictures into the attachment at the smaller resolution size. All you need to do is type in the email address you wish to send them to & click send. A task that used to take an hour now takes 15 seconds. It is simply amazing.