Hamachi VPN

VAN stands for Virtual Private Networking, but what it really means is using the Internet for networking your computers.

This has the advantage of networking over great distances, rather than the limitations of CAT5 cable length, or WiFi range. In fact, for some computer users, networking has had no practical purpose in the same room or building. In the past, networking has been difficult to setup, especially VPN. Many computer users have never created a network before and may not realize the uses. It’s good for: sharing files, sharing printers, sharing hard drives, network games, operating a computer remotely, ftp, video streaming, or anything else a network can do. Now, new tools make the task of creating a VPN easier.

A good tool for VPN is Hamachi. It is available for download in both free and premium versions. Hamachi is easy to install, and easy to use. Hamachi must be installed on all computers you intend to network. Hamachi is highly secure, and works on multiple Operating Systems. Once your VPN is setup, any connection to the Internet becomes a network connection. WiFi service at a cafe, dial up from home, or broadband in your hotel room all seamlessly connect your VPN. Now enjoy the power of computers working together anywhere. Print a Document on the office laser jet from your laptop in the airport. Open and edit a file on the office PC from home. Play a game with your friend hundreds of miles away. Make your network as big as the planet.