Game Maker

Like many others I have always thought it would be fun to make a computer game. Up until now, I never have. That all changed when I stumbled upon a program called ‘game maker’ (

Within a few hours after downloading the program I was playing my first computer game – and yes, I made it all by myself! Immediately I realized that I could make my own shareware game (using game maker of course) and sell it on the internet. So I did! (See for yourself – check it out at Two months later, having sold 9 copies of my game, I made $60! I admit, I could use a little polishing on my game making skills – but its not a bad start. Game Maker is a decent piece of software. Written by a university professor who actually teaches the art of game making brings some assurance that it was built right. The registration fee was only $20 (when I purchased it) – well worth the money. Game Maker isn’t all that hard to use either. My 10 year old has even played with it. Check it out for yourself!