FTTP | Fiber To The Premises

FTTP or “Fiber To The Premises” is a broadband telecommunications system that delivers telephone, Internet and television through a single fiber optic link. Such a signal is referred to as “triple play” by the telecommunications industry. Verizon Experience stores have opened in over 100 New Jersey locations where customers can try out gadgets enhanced by fiber optics.

Billions are being spent by the industry to replace those prehistoric copper wires that currently deliver DSL and telephone connections to many homes across the country. Verizon now provides fiber optic service(FiOS) in five states, with connection speeds topping off at 50 megabytes per second. Their main competitor is AT&T. In 2006, Japan had more than seven million FTTH(fiber to home) customers. The country’s fiber optic growth spurt occurred in 2003-2004 where FTTH users in Tokyo can enjoy connection speeds exceeding six megabytes per second. Potentially, a signal traveling at 30 megabytes per second would allow real-time video/audio chats, minimizing delays. A saturation of FiOS in populated areas of the world will cause a paradigm shift in the way people consume information.