Free DivX Player Download

DivX is a wonderful and small program that is an all in one video software.

It has pretty much every type of codec that allows you to play videos in .avi, .mpeg, etc. All the common forms of videos are capable of being played on its own player included with the download and automatically loads the codecs in other media players like winamp and windows media player. The program is very easy to use with minimal space requirements and it is a quick download. All the features are easily modified and require little knowledge of video formats. Just download, install, and use. The installation will even notify you if there is a new version. Anyone that works with video files and needs a quick all in one codec download, then this is the software to download. Along with a player and a package of codecs, DivX comes with its own converter that makes converting and utilizing your video files a snap. The converter is greater for converting high quality videos into high quality but smaller size files like mpeg into avi or vice versa. Finally, the program is completely free – so don’t hesitate to use it if you need it.