Firefox Cheat Sheet

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet. It is a nice collection of general keyboard shortcuts, navigational shortcuts, search shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, file locations, and tips and tricks. Here is a sampling of the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Add Bookmarks: Ctrl + D
  • Bookmarks: Ctrl + B
  • DOM Inspector: Ctrl + Shift + I
  • Downloads: Ctrl + J
  • Full Screen View: F11
  • Help: F1
  • History: Ctrl + H
  • Page Source: Ctrl + U
  • Print: Ctrl + P
  • Refresh Page: F5
  • Refresh Page & Cache: Ctrl + F5
  • Save Page As: Ctrl + S

We also want to show you this cool add-on geared towards web developers and codes. Web Developer – allows you to view cookies, css, forms, images and edit them on the fly. Contains a bunch of built in tools, such as HTML, Feed & CSS validators, DOM inspector, Java console and finally connection speed test. After installation the plug-in adds a separate bar under the bookmarks toolbar with the cute icons and all the tools are two clicks away. Also the plug-in duplicates some features of Firefox though making them more convenient you can disable cookies images css java script and popup blocker with a one click. Definitely this plug-in makes a powerful developer tool from a simple browser.