Firefox Bookmark Synchronizer

EverSync offers a browser plug in available for Firefox and Internet Explorer that allows you to keep your bookmarks synchronized between all your computers (home, work, etc.).

Whatever bookmark or bookmark folder added on one computer will show up on your other computers when you launch the browser. The plugin displays a sidebar that shows links to pages similar to the ones you visit, and that other users found worth book marking. It will also show you users who made some of their bookmarks public, which are related to the pages you visit. You may find experts on subjects you need information about. When you find interesting stuff (videos, photos, text, etc.) on a web page, the BuzzIt! functionality allows you to grab it and build a document that you can keep private, or share with friends, or the whole world. It automatically builds a Buzzlog showing all your discoveries (privately or publicly as you chose) and even allows you to post to your existing blog on the popular blog platforms. You can send it by email, using your address book from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. The service is free, and (so far), ad-free. It does not require creating an account unless you want to create some Buzz, but then minimal information is required: login and password (not even an email). EverSync has more than 800000 users, and was selected by Mozilla for the best Firefox add-ons list.

It can be downloaded from:
Firefox Download
IE Download