Easy Media Creator Suite

Easy Media Creatorâ„¢ 8 Suite is a easy to use all in one software suite that should cover most average computer users needs for making backup of DVD, rip music cd, and other media related tasks. Media Creator is several programs packaged into one easy to use set of pull down menus. Burning a CD of music for either MP3 format or a standard audio CD what will play in most units is just a matter of click and drop into the window. Backing up a DVD is quite easy as well, only requiring a few clicks of the mouse. Some of the programs such as burning a vcd or mpeg video into a DVD that can be used in a home DVD player require a bit more work and reading the manual is a must, but the learning curve is easy enough. The Easy Media Creatorâ„¢ 8 Suite retails at 89.99, but can be found cheaper online.