CutePDF Writer – Create Free PDF Files

CutePDF Writer – Once upon a time our laboratory provided only paper reports to our researchers. We went through reams of paper a week and at least a couple of printers a year. The documents were black and white and often of poor quality. Images were not easily ported into documents for publication. Over time, we have found that provided all of our researchers with data in a Portable Document Format (PDF) was the best solution. We save trees and printers, they get their data in full color and in a form fairly easy to publish.

Unfortunately, we found Adobe Acrobat Professional to be incompatible with the software on some of our equipment. This problem was solved with the CutePDF Writer program. Not only is it free, but we have had no compatibility issues with the software program. The software is easy to use and consistently produces high quality documents. We have used CutePDF writer for over a year without a single error. Documents created by the CutePDF writer are easily edited with Adobe’s product as well.