Computer Memory Upgrade

Decided to upgrade the memory on my (old) PC the other day and was left wondering what kind of memory it originally had i.e. PC133, PC2700 etc.

I opened my machine up and saw that the memory sticks did not have any stickers on them. A search on the internet revealed a nifty little freeware tool called CPU-Z. CPU-Z reveals all the details about memory (in each slot ) including the size, latency and manufacturer. This is invaluable if you want to replace a particular stick of memory (provided you use CPU-Z to note down the details BEFORE anything bad happens …. if your memory stick goes bad, chances are CPU-Z may not be able to read the details !!). Another great feature is that it shows details about your processor including socket specs and L1/L2 cache sizes and far more than what Windows (My Computer-> Properties) shows you. You can also use the tool to check the configuration of a newly purchased machine just to check that you got is what you paid for 🙂