Best Tax Software

You can’t put it off any longer! It’s time to pay Uncle Sam and you need the best tax software available.

You have two choices with TaxAct. You can go with the free version, which we all like, or the modestly priced Deluxe version ($12.95). If you are planning on filing a relatively straightforward return then it is hard to beat TaxAct’s free online or free downloadable product.

It features:

  • Free E-Filing
  • 100% Accurate Guarantee
  • No Missing Functionality
  • Free Technical support Via Web
  • Over 120 forms and Schedules
  • In Depth Form Instructions
  • Help Alerts
  • Automatic Update Wizard

    If you have a more complicated return it is definitely worth the $12.95 to enjoy the advanced features which include:

  • Free phone tech support
  • Expert Tax Help Guide
  • Data Import
  • “What-If” Calculator
  • Loan & Savings Calculator
  • Self-Employment Adjustment Worksheet
  • Tax Watch
  • Unlimited Returns
  • Federal & State Returns
  • Joint & Separate Comparisons