Best Audio Editing Software | Sony Acid Pro. 6.0

If you’re looking for free audio editing software, it might be a good idea to skip this article and look into downloading a copy Audacity. This article is going to prove that you get what you pay for. If you’re serious about audio editing, you’re going to want Sony Acid Pro. 6.0.

Now, if your wallet is feeling empty, you might want to pass this up. With a price tag of nearly $400USD, it’s pretty steep. But upon purchase you will see that this product is unrivaled when it comes to audio editing. Able to create loops, full MIDI recording, multitracking and practically limitless mixing and editing options? This is a product for the pros with a simple and intuitive interface. Also, when you’re finished, feel free to render your audio in any format you wish, with bit-rates ranging as low as you want, all the way to cd-quality. After that you can tag and organize it any way you want. Bottom line: Sony Acid Pro 6.0 is the definitive audio editing software on the market right now. If you’re serious about audio editing, you should settle for nothing less.