Top Ten Firefox Add-ons

My top ten Firefox Add-ons:

1: Torrent Finder Toolbar: For all of you who like to play in the dark side of town downloading stuff you should not!

2: ChatZilla: Not the best ICQ software but the fact that it embed in Firefox make it a must have you don’t have to install a full ICQ software just install this Add-ons.

3: Flashgot: With Flashgot you can snatch video from Youtube or do all sorts of interesting thing and it even synchronize with Bitcomet.

4: Gmail Space: Transform a Gmail account into an online hard drive!

5: IE Tab: Some site does not support Firefox very well IE Tab takes care of that. They improve it recently or it would not have made this top ten.

6: Wizz RSS News Reader: A solid RSS reader.

7: Foxytune: Control Winamp and any supported audio player from Firefox.

8: My Stickies: Use it to make Post-it note right on a webpage. Come back to that page the notes are still there! (I would have ranked it higher but it not working for now with recent Firefox version.)

9: G Preview: Insert a preview of pages when you do research with G or Yahoo I just discover it bur I can already tell it going to be a must have soon.

10: QuickZoom-CM: It QuickZoom but for Firefox 3 it does the same thing allowing you to make the text bigger or smaller with a fast keyboard command (ctrl++ and ctrl+-)