LinkFixerPlus is a simple application that automatically fixes broken embedded file links.

This is useful for IT professionals that are doing data migrations, server consolidations, virtualization, or just a plain old clean up (data reorganization). LinkFixerPlus allows run reports on your files, then you use a different process to tag the links in the files with a unique identifier, then after you have completed your project you run another process that automatically fixes any links that were broken during your project. It works with lots of file types (we used it for Office, Adobe PDFs, and CAD files: AutoCAD and MicroStation specifically) and our company decided to use it to help us with consolidating 4 Window servers to a single NetApp filer. LinkFixerPlus ran through a few hundred gigs of files in a few hours, and with their reports it was simple to find any links that it didn’t fix. Admittedly, there were more than we would have liked, but we understand that it isn’t an “Easy Button”, and in my estimation, LinkFixerPlus saved our company thousands of dollars in man hours.