How Much Memory?

Can you imagine how much energy it would take to teleport a human being using exact science? You would have to have a computer the size of Los Angeles to just store every bit of encoded information about YOU. You as a human being and a singular object. What about your clothes? That would have to be another city block just to encode encrypt your clothes. If it was computer driven, all the information would have to be recorded, the particles broken down, or just vaporized, and then reconstructed from those same atoms, or the surrounding atoms in order to reconstruct your form. Who’s to say bilocation won’t occur? (Bilocation is the ostensibly supernatural act of appearing or being in two or more locations simultaneously.)

An explanation of how hard (and expensive) it would be to create JUST THE COMPUTER necessary for teleportation. A human being contains [1 YB (yottabyte)] of information – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes — 10008, or 1024. A typical computer hard drive can hold around [80 GB (gigabytes)] of information- 80,000,000,000 bytes or 109 bytes. 125 quadrillion PC hard drives is what it would take to transfer all that information, that’s 125 million million. About a 1000 km cube of CD-ROMs. Our national debt is around 8 quadrillion. This does not include the memory required for the transference of this information. The fastest connection to date is about 7 gigabits per second, and at that it’d probably take you a few centuries to get where you’re going via teleportation.