Hello Hulu

Hulu.com is a website for watching full length TV shows legally online.

It is a joint venture between NBC and News Corp. (Fox) which is very well implemented. It has a great deal of content, including full episodes of current hit TV shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, 30 Rock, The Office and many more. The speed at which the video starts is astounding. There is almost no pause between clicking on a video and when it starts. It is ad supported, but the ads are never more than 30 seconds long and often a show will play all the way through with only an initial ad. In some cases there are full episodes for an entire season of a show. This is a great addition to the series of programs that are available for watching television on the internet such as Joost, Sopcast, and TVUplayer. The vast amount of content is a large draw for this service. Another great feature is the collections that they have gathered. The Saturday Night Live digital shorts collection, SNL parody commercials and an impressively quick loading HD gallery of movie previews. There is also a section for last years Fiesta Bowl. This in itself is not new or innovative, but there is the option to watch a 3 hour video of the entire game OR to watch a 34 minute video of all the plays, but spliced into a fast paced interesting game.