Cybercafe Management Software

Cybercafe Pro is one of the best software applications to use when you have an Internet or online gaming business. It has the most commonly used functions that every internet Cafe business owner needs.

Basic functions I personally need and is available to Cybercafe Pro are:
– Server can control clients, i.e. it can access the server remotely and can shutdown, reboot or sleep the client computers.
– Use timecodes or Account for user reservation
– Monitor time usage. Time usage depends on the users request.
– Generate report such as Daily report, Weekly report, Monthly report.
– Generate receipts.

System requirements are just a 128MB memory running a decent 1GHz processor with a couple of megabytes free disk space. Doesn’t need much, so you can put the server to a low end computer while making all your client computers high-end. Installation of the client and server software is a breeze. Just click, answers prompts, click and you’re good!