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Useful Key Commands

While working with computers for the purpose of writing reports and sometime surfing Internet, I have been frequently using certain key commands or key combination that I found very useful and I wanted to share them here. Hoepfully they will be helpful to general users in daily applications, writing notes or reports or surfing Internet.

Most commonly used short commands are:

  • Ctrl+Home : Go to top of a document
  • Ctrl+End : Go to end of a document
  • Ctrl+L : Go to/Begin from left end of a line
  • Ctrl+R : Go to/Begin from right end of a line
  • Ctrl+E : Go to/Begin from center of a line
  • Ctrl+J : Justification of text/paragraph
  • Ctrl+A : Select the whole file/text/document
  • Ctrl+C : Copy selected portion/file/text/document
  • Ctrl+V : Paste selected portion/file/text/document
  • Ctrl+Z : To undo command/commands and also to undo auto commands that often appear while typing in words document but are not needed.
  • Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+j : To justify the whole text/document in one go
  • Shift+Home : To select part of line left of cursor
  • Shift+End : To select part of line right of cursor
  • End Key : Go to end of a line
  • Home Key : Go to start of a line
  • Alt+OE : To change the case of selected portion from small to capital letters

Each of these tasks can be done with the mouse, but each one requires the user to leave the keyboard for the mouse and then comeback which in the long run is very time consuming. It might take some getting used to, but with practice you will notice these keyboard shortcuts are much faster.

Slackware Linux

Slackware Linux is a packaged distribution of the Linux operating system, which is free and open source.

With Ubuntu getting all the headlines in open source world, you kind of have to see Slackware as the “anti-Ubuntu”. There is no package management system, the installer is text-only, and you’ll be doing lots of command-line work. It has a “do-it-yourself” feel to it. And beyond that, the system is highly conservative – Slackware doesn’t update a package until it’s been through extensive beta-testing. So why would anyone want to use it? The benefit of Slackware is that it is reliable, stable, and powerful. Everything you would want to do with a system can be done from Slackware, where other distros break down because they weren’t set up to handle the power-user. The saying goes that when you learn Ubuntu, you learn Ubuntu; but when you learn Slackware, you learn Linux!

Shut Down My PC

Speed up shutting down your PC! When you choose to shut down from the Start menu, Windows attempts to close any open programs and windows. Although this usually works well, a stubborn program or error condition may leave Windows hanging for a full minute before shutting down (or restarting).

By changing four Registry keys, you can speed the process up significantly. After you open Regedit:

Step 1: Change
from 20000 to 1000;

Step 2: Change
from 5000 to 1000;

Step 3: Change
from 20000 to 1000;

Step 4: Change
from 20000 to 1000.

I have experimented this on my system and works well.

Make Great Screen Captures

HandySnap is a very useful little program that I have put to use far more than I thought I would.

This versatile program allows the user to outline a section of their screen for screen capture. The user interface is a small, thin window that doesn’t obscure the area you are working with, and can be easily moved around out of the way, but still accessed without the need to toggle between screens. It includes options such as entire screen capture, mouse pointer capture and shape area capture. The software also includes a few minor built in editing features, such as arrows, drawing and painting. The user can add text, draw or edit the picture in a number of ways. HandySnap is available in a free trial version, while the full version is $29.95. I have personally used the program while composing Power Point presentations, and while using One Note in class. The ability to grab screen shots of web pages used in class, or even better, pages from an e-book from a digital library for my notes has been an invaluable tool. I highly recommend HandySnap for anyone who needs a quick, small and easy to use interface for grabbing screen shots for their work!


There are a lot of programs with VoIP built into them, but I’ve found that it’s pretty dismal due to the time delay and overall quality.

While gaming it’s hard to hear what most people are saying and that doesn’t help if they trying to tell you that there’s someone creeping up on you. There are many online chatting programs like Skype, Xfire and MSN. But these aren’t perfect, you either have to pay (Skype), you’re talking constantly so you’ll get someone suddenly cursing in your ear when they’ve been killed or you have to minimize the game each time you want to talk. The best program I’ve found is Teamspeak, which works on the basic principal that phones do. It may not be as visually attractive as the others but it’s the best. The audio quality is near perfect and once you’ve found a server to join and chat with your mates that’s it! You can even run your own server (but that’s a bit more difficult).

Cybercafe Management Software

Cybercafe Pro is one of the best software applications to use when you have an Internet or online gaming business. It has the most commonly used functions that every internet Cafe business owner needs.

Basic functions I personally need and is available to Cybercafe Pro are:
– Server can control clients, i.e. it can access the server remotely and can shutdown, reboot or sleep the client computers.
– Use timecodes or Account for user reservation
– Monitor time usage. Time usage depends on the users request.
– Generate report such as Daily report, Weekly report, Monthly report.
– Generate receipts.

System requirements are just a 128MB memory running a decent 1GHz processor with a couple of megabytes free disk space. Doesn’t need much, so you can put the server to a low end computer while making all your client computers high-end. Installation of the client and server software is a breeze. Just click, answers prompts, click and you’re good!