Monthly Archives: March 2017

File Comparison Tool – Beyond Compare

I’ve extensively used Beyond Compare, a powerful file and directory comparison software from Scooter Software.

This is an invaluable tool for software developers, software configuration engineers etc. The file compare view is very intuitive yet powerful and customizable. You can chose to view only different lines or matching lines, you could set foreground and background colors of your choice to highlight the differences etc. It supports two way merging of changes (both ansi and unicode text). The directory compare view is equally powerful, supporting rules based or binary comparison of file names. Quite large directories can be compared in seconds. Filters can be applied to show only different files, orphan files etc. The interface also supports copying of files between directories, deleting files, changing timestamps and much more. There’s a 30 day trial version and I feel the pricing is quite reasonable.

Release Your Inner Spielberg

If you would like to produce DVDs to share videos of family events, child performances, but hope to edit out the most amateurish or embarrassing elements, consider Adobe Premier Elements.

Adobe Premier Elements provides a relatively low cost entry point into professional quality editing media editing software. Video capture from your camcorder to your computer’s 1394 (Firewire) interface is integrated into the package. Sound clips from other sources are easily integrated in the timeline view. Dead time is straightforward to clip out. Titles and text overlays with various effects are easy to add. When you are ready to produce a DVD, pre-built templates make it easy to quickly put together a product you will be pleased to share with family and friends. Premier has the reputation of being a complicated and difficult-to-use product. Adobe Premier Elements can be used by a sophisticated computer-savvy older elementary age child.

Deep Freeze

Faronics Deep Freeze is an amazing piece of software that will allow you to literally freeze your operating environment in place so that nothing is written over without your consent.

Deep Freeze works by creating a virtual state of your computer and keeps malicious content from ruining your Operating System and programs, yet does so without restricting user access. As it has saved my can many a time, I would recommend Faronics Deep Freeze for anyone who wishes their operating system would stay as fresh as the day it was installed.