MP3 Trimmer

MP3 Trimer is a neat little tool for quickly editing MP3 files.

Do you have a song with annoying clapping at the beginning or end? Is there a hidden track that makes your player go through a few minutes of silence? MP3 Trimmer is a great help for this. It is a Mac OS X application that comes with a Carbon installation for PPC or a Universal Binary for the Intel-based processors. Installation is quick and easy. It’s shareware, so you have to wait through a countdown timer when starting and saving. Registration is $10.95. Once it’s running, open an MP3. You can see it in the timeline and set a start and end point. You also have options to fade in or fade out. Once those points are set you can test the trimmed file to see how it sounds and adjust as necessary. After it’s perfect, save and you’re done. The new MP3 is ready to play. MP3 Trimmer also has features for joining, splitting, and repairing songs. I have used it to successfully repair a song before. I don’t know how it did it, but it worked. This is one of the few shareware programs I’ve gladly paid to register. It’s saved me lots of frustration caused by annoying song bits, and it was not at all frustrating to use.