Is It Cloudy Yet?

Cloud computing technology, has made an uprising in the world of internet.

It has come out from the merge of parallel processing, grid computing technology and distributed computing. The outcome of cloud computing is a service not a product which makes it easy for the end user to handle it. Simply cloud computing means making use of a network environment of resources and applications to get our work done without worrying about the authorized persons of that network. The resources can also used anywhere at any time by any number of users rather than using for one’s own computer.

The cloud computing is cost effective and there is no need to install and run the application in the customer’s computer so it also simplifies the work and makes it easy to maintain. The individual computer in the network is called as node. In cloud computing each node are unique machine, which makes the virtualization easier for the user to work on it. It also dominates the drawback of grid computing which serves as a parent, by interconnecting the bifurcated nodes into one logical computer. This logical computer has the ability to process any number of tasks and maintain a huge amount of data. As each node is unique it is also advantageous to load software and specific operating system on each node depending on the necessity of the project.

Practically the applications of cloud computing is boundless. This could process any task from word processing software to specific programs designed for a company. In practical application, it can be used in backup and recovery systems. It is also obvious to use in payroll and customer relationship management system. Some companies rent the physical storage space for servers and databases as it is not available in their site. Cloud computing gives a best solution for these companies by storing the data in some others hardware without using the space in front end. The best innovations like cloud computing is a boon in technological development.