GOM Player

Some of the most important things in media players are simplicity, support for a lot of video and audio formats and not having to worry about bugs, crashes and computer freezes.

About two years ago I found a new player that is simple and plays almost everything, its name, GOM Player. It plays almost every video format known to mankind and if it doesn’t have the codec it tries to find it on the web. One feature I enjoy is the “time jump” option, which allows you to move through the movie or short video clip with the arrow keys. I often repeat hilarious scenes from video clips so this is a great thing for me. This player can also play FLV files that I download from Youtube. All you need to do is install the FLV Splitter add-on. One my favorite options with GOM player is the “stay on top while playing” option. I can chat with someone and at the same time watch a video that’s playing on the side. Other players go into the background when you try to do something else. There are a lot of preferences that you can change in this player and that’s what makes it so great, you can turn off anything that annoys you.