Skype AddOn has come up with an interesting bit of software for experts and for people looking for technical advice.

The concept is simple if you know how to help people you can make money of your talent. If you need advice, go and find your expert, talk to him/her in real time using high quality audio and video via Skype and pay on a per minute basis as you go. If you are not satisfied you can ask for your money back, or provide a bad review. If you are happy, pay and write a good review. Good reviews help the advisors get better ranking and more business. Can this support your monthly budget as an expert? Probably yes, but you need to be proactive and promote your self in your social networks and so on. I have not seen anyone opening a private practice by hanging a sign on their bedroom door. BitWine provides some resources to help you in this task as well. The company support is amazing will help you to set up from A to Z. BitWine also doesn’t charge any commission, and you get paid 10 minutes after every session via PayPal. I have used BitWine for solving an annoying problem of not being able to upload windows updates on a new computer. Lo and behold, after 7 minutes and about $2 my problem was solved. I am ashamed to say that being a technical person I did spend 30 minutes trying myself to figure out the problem. I searched Google and Microsoft and whatever they suggested did not work. Sometimes, when you get stuck, all you need to do is ask someone.